Meet the Team


Before Starting as a Talent Scout for Knowit, Martin was a professional Bartender for a respectable bar in the UK, meaning Knowit is now officially home to it's own private bartender!

Martin moved to the UK from Czech republic at the age of five. He has been playing video games his entire life to the point where it became apart of his education, having studied Games technology both at College and the University of Bournemouth with a focus on 3D art and design.

When he hasn’t got Games on the mind, Martin travels the world atop his Motorbike and partakes in as many activites as possible including Skydiving, Archery, Piano and Destroying people at Final Fantasy Trading Cards.


Motorbikes, Cider, All the Video Games!!


Public Transport, 20MPH Zones, Adverts halfway through a video



Contact Martin

You can reach Martin by phone or email, or connect on social media.