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Our aim is to help companies grow in the right way and sometimes, that doesn't mean having to hire immediately.  Making your first senior product hire is scary and a risk if you have never done it before or had any advice.  We wanted to create a better way for companies to do it.

Which is why Gareth is now partnering with us here at Knowit, to give companies who would like advice before jumping in at the deep end, another option.  We will arrange for Gareth to meet you for a conversation to discuss your issues and see if he can help.

Gareth spent nearly 20 years growing the global teams and products from the likes of BBC News website to OpenTable - helping to turn them into the products they are today - loved and used by hundreds of millions of users every month.

Gareth now has an extremely eclectic life working with leaders at companies from FTSE100s to VC backed start-ups since founding the Digital Product Group in 2006.


Contact Gareth

You can reach Gareth by phone or email, or connect on social media.