Pump, Push & Pedal Your Way to Productivity

Pump, Push & Pedal Your Way to Productivity

It’s well known that exercise improves our health, but what impact does it have on our productivity at work?

It’s becoming more and more common for gym memberships to be included as part of a company’s benefits package, why is this so popular?

Exercise not only improves your health, but it also supercharges your personal productivity and your working day.

A study conducted by Bristol University tested “exercising at work and self-reported work performance”. Conducted over three organisations and including 200 employees, they evaluated themselves on a day without exercise versus a day with exercise.

The results from the study showed that the participants felt 41% more motivated to work, 25% higher for working without unscheduled breaks, 22% higher for finishing work within a deadline, and 21% higher concentration on work overall.

Exercise for brain health

Physical exercise is proven to have a positive effect on our brain function. Even a short 20 minutes of exercise facilitates information processing and memory functions, according to a study conducted by the Department of Exercise Science.

Aerobic exercise appears to be best for brain health, because it increases the heart rate which pumps more oxygen to the brain. Aerobic exercise also releases endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that make a person feel better, as well as reducing pain.

There is research to show that regular exercise may also offer some prevention against Alzheimer’s disease, even for those who have a genetic risk.

According to the study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, people who did more moderate-intensity physical exercise showed more healthy patterns of glucose metabolism in their brain (which is a sign of healthy brain activity) than those who did less.

Energy & Alertness

In addition to brain function and memory, exercise increases your energy levels and makes you more alert. Exercise enhances your body’s ability to transfer glucose as well as oxygen throughout your brain and body, which then increases your energy level and sharpens your awareness.

It may seem contrary, but many leading researchers state that by utilising stored energy, you are actually making more of it.

The University of Georgia conducted studies on regular exercise reducing fatigue. More than 90 percent of the studies showed the same thing: Sedentary people who completed a regular exercise program reported improved fatigue compared to groups that did not exercise.

A lot of people question how exercise can fit into a busy working schedule. Here at Knowit we have the answer! We offer a 1.5 hour lunch break twice a week to spend in the gym, as well as subsidised membership.

In today’s world of hiring, an attractive benefits package is essential for securing top talent. According to Glassdoor’s 2015 Employment Confidence Survey, about 60% of people report that benefits and perks are a major factor when considering whether to accept a job offer. The survey also found that 80% of employees would choose additional benefits over a pay rise.

– Ashleigh Hamilton

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