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Organisational growth comes in many forms. More staff, new products, additional services, more locations and wider reach. Whatever the path, any business leaders will appreciate how these stages are both exciting and daunting all at once.

Over the past four and a half years, we’ve worked very hard to embed ourselves and create a name for ourselves in London. From our super central London location, the 100’s of placements we have made as well as creating and sponsoring awesome events such as Mind The Product and The Hacker Games. We strive to keep giving back to the community. It’s now time to take the next step in our growth – and take on a new office outside of London as we start to widen our reach.

Choosing a location was a challenge. We have a global reach from London and clients all over the world, so setting up in Europe, America or Asia were always options. But we asked ourselves “Do we need to reach out that far at this stage? Because we can – does it mean we should?”

After deliberating – we settled on looking for somewhere in the UK. We felt that staying close to home was important for us right now. Get things right where we are, as opposed to managing teams in different time zones this early in our organisational journey. We settled on a choice that fitted well with the following criteria :

  •  Somewhere that we can cut our teeth into quickly and make our mark.
  • Somewhere we already had good links.
  • Somewhere that has a booming digital ecosystem. We thrive on this and we want to be part of that wherever that’s happening.

There was a clear winner:



  • It was close to home and is a really good way for us to closely monitor and manage how we expand our business.
  • We had been conversing for some time with two incredible recruiters who were keen on joining our journey. One in Product and one in Engineering. Two of the four pillars of our business. They also happened to be best friends. Result!
  • We already have clients with offices there and it doesn’t feel like a huge up hill climb to try to gain a foothold.

Manchester is part of ‘The Northern Powerhouse’, and is home to some giants like, Co-op Group, LateRooms & Boohoo. It’s always had an independent, industrious, DIY ethic that informs creativity, design, sound and spirit, so we want to be part of Manchester’s next growth stage. The City has some solid digital credentials, so much so, that as of 2016, Manchester had just under 52,000 digital sector jobs – higher than any UK city outside of London. In fact, Manchester’s digital sector is worth £2.9bn to the economy.
Manchester is also attracting many start-ups, as it reinvents itself as an innovation machine, with some recent & notable successes like DigitalBridge, PrettyLittleThing, PushDoctor & PEAK.

So all in all – we feel like it’s a superb move.

Meet Sam

We are very proud to introduce Knowit Manchester and the person leading the growth of our Northern business from our office in WeWork – Sam Howell.


Sam’s our ‘Product Hero’. He’s currently responsible for growing the office in Manchester whilst remaining hands on with hiring product managers for our clients. He has a great reputation in the product space in the North but not just for building product team’s for many of the leading tech businesses. We loved Sam because he’s community driven and put real work in to Manchester’s Product Community, where he co-organises and supports the growth of ProductTank, alongside Graeme Goulden of Manchester City Football Club & Adam Warburton of Co-Op Digital.

In Manchester we aim to be the key player in supporting Product Development businesses. We will be scaling the business to offer our clients the same excellent service and support as we do in London.

Interested in Product / Engineering opportunities in and around Manchester? Hiring in the north and think we can help – We have cool gifts for our first clients.

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