Knowit Product Surgery Sessions

Surgery Session

Here at Knowit, we love getting involved and giving back to the tech community. In the last few years we’ve started our very own annual charity hackathon, The Hacker Games, created a YouTube and Product blog series, hosted and sponsored various meet-ups and events in the product community.

We’ve also helped build incredible product development teams all over the world, and our knowledge of the market and skill-sets puts us in a great place to share some of this knowledge with you.

This is why we’re starting a Product “Surgery Session” for our product network.

So, on the last Friday of every month, our Product Team will be available between 1:00pm – 3:00pm, for one-on-one sessions for anyone looking for intel and advice on things like:

  • Career coaching
  • CV advice
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Interview advice
  • Employer branding tips
  • Whether you should be hiring a product manager
  • Advice on job descriptions and adverts
  • The best meet-ups and conferences to attend

OR any other questions that you might have around product.

All you need to do is email with your phone number, questions and any material you would like them to review before the call.

This is on a first come first serve basis!

The NEXT session will be on Friday 28th September, 2018.

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