Remote Full Stack Developer

  • City of London, London
  • £40,000- £75,000


This company's core tech includes:

* Ruby-on-Rails
* React.js
* Node.js
* Heroku, Postgres

And a supporting cast of tools, libraries and services including…

* Jira, Github, CircleCI
* js, Casper.js, and Spooky.js
* Jest, Mocha and Chai
* Postmark
* Papertrail, Rollbar


£40000 - £75000
Depending on experience

Job Description

This early stage startup is looking for a handful of engineers (whether front end focused or back end focused) to join the team and help them scale their product even further. As it stands, the product has been fully launched and has been absolutely smashing it in terms of the number of customers/clients they've secured.

These guys are operating in an incredibly niche market and, so far, been a huge success.

If you're currently working with Ruby-On-Rails or React.js then you're exactly what's required here. These guys have secured some incredible funding thus far, they're offering a tonne of perks and are in a position where they can really start to grow both from an internal perspective and a customer base perspective.

If you're interested, please drop me a line at:

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