Head of Engineering

  • City of London, London
  • £70,000- £90,000


Guys - when you go clothes shopping, do you ever try on an item and say "that'll do" even if it's a tad too big or a tad too small? I know that I do, and I know that it annoys me every single time.

This is where this business come in.

These guys are a fashion start-up based in Central London looking for a HoE to come in and lead this business from a tech standpoint - and the potential (and funding) is legitimately unbelievable.


£70000 - £90000
Depending on experience

Job Description

Your responsibilities

  • To help build and lead an agile software development team
  • To help redefine and drive forward a modern and innovative technical stack
  • To help answer how we reach product/ market fit with the most efficient technology investment
  • To deliver customer-visible benefit
  • To help improve the speed with which we learn and iterate
  • To help improve revenue growth and customer lifetime value

Your skills

You have full-stack development experience and you are able to:

  • Lead from the front by delivering code as and when necessary
  • Lead our manual & automated testing strategies, build processes and deployment strategies and help set up monitoring & alerting in production
  • Design and optimise APIs, as well as having experience of service-oriented architecture in general
  • Design, build and maintain e-commerce applications
  • Demonstrate proficiency with Node.js, (core) JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3.
  • Familiarity with Shopify (and it's Liquid templating language) is a bonus

More generally, you are able to:

  • Balance short-term business needs against long-term code quality
  • Take responsibility for our technical architecture and its optimisation for customer needs (you should have knowledge of a range of technology platforms)
  • Advise and maintain engineering best practices within our team
  • Communicate clearly and can organise our team around an objective
  • Explain technology choices clearly and predicate your choice on customer benefit and business ROI

This is an incredible opportunity to build a product from scratch, build a team from scratch and help build this companies future from scratch. There's a hell of a lot of responsibility but, if that's what you're looking for, this role is perfect for you.

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