Adopting A Product with Janna Bastow

Product Warrior – Episode 2

Adopting A Product with Janna Bastow

In this weeks Product Warrior podcast titled “Adopting a product” we speak with Janna Bastow co founder of ProdPad. As always a big thank you to Mind The Product and Knowit for supporting us.

Managing a product that has a bunch of customers is not easy, there will be constraints, tech debt and a messy backlog of features with stakeholder expectations. Janna shares her advice on how to navigate these challenges and continue to innovate.

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Dave Martin

Product Warrior, survival for product managers, is a weekly show with Product Warrior host Dave Martin, Chief Product Office at Tes Global, chatting with highly experience product experts from around the world with the aim to improve product manager decision making. Supported by Knowit and MindTheProduct.

Throughout this series Dave and special product manager guests will share learnings, techniques, tools and hard learned mistakes to help reduce subjective decision making. The show pin points how to identify the true problem and convert this knowledge into repeatable successful features is how product managers evolve high value products.

This show aims to help everyone from aspirational product managers to product leader deliver products that make the world a better place.

Sponsored by Knowit and Mind the Product

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