What’s Changing in Recruitment?

What’s Changing in Recruitment?

This month our director Samm tells us what he thinks of the recruitment industry’s latest developments as well as what makes him tick. Samm co-founded Knowit in 2013 with the mantra to help businesses find the best talent across the Product and Development space.

Why did you decide to start Knowit?
Simply because we believed we could do things way better than others. We recruited into the Product and Technology space for a larger recruitment business, saw a gap in that there were no focused Product recruiters and pounced on it.

What do you think the biggest difference is in recruitment right now compared to recruitment 5 years ago?
The execution of using different technological tools has massively changed the game. A good recruiter now is not just a great networker but has to be a great marketer. Recruiters need to adapt and fast to survive. Of course, it is still a numbers game but the challenge is in where those numbers are deriving from. If you are still hunting through job boards as your main source of candidate attraction, then you’re way behind the curve. Good people are not looking to be found but a modern recruiter builds a great network first by doing more then just calling. Instead they should strive to become the main source of knowledge for their market.

What do you tell your new recruits on their first day working at Knowit?
It’s tough as hell but listen, learn and stay resilient and you will be successful.

How do you define success?
There is not one metric but many. For me personally, success is when everyone in our space knows who we are. Success is not financial success is presence, quality and achieving excellence in what we do.

What is your worst memory from back when you started in a corporate firm?
The pressure put on you to be like everyone else in your business. Suit wearing, beer drinking cultures were not for me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a beer or three but not when I feel I need to conform like everyone else. I love that the culture we have built here is so different. It’s what I know the team love about Knowit.

What is your biggest recruiter pet peeve?
The list is long but one of my main ones is when recruiters post ridiculous self-motivating comments on LinkedIn. It’s just not cool.

Now a bit more about you…
What’s the one app that you can’t live without?
Gosh there’s tons. Besides the obvious social ones, I’d say Sonos, or Clash Royale.

What’s the last book you read?
Shantaram – Incredible.

If you could invite three celebrities to dinner, who would you chose?
David Cameron to try to learn some incredible British secrets.
Tim Peake because I would love to hear about his experience in space.
Dalai Lama – To understand some wisdom.

What do you do to switch off?
I meditate, I cycle and I unwind at home with some good TV.

Who inspires you right now?
I’m not inspired by one individual but I get very inspired by our clients who have gone on to build phenomenally success products. My dream is to have the same and I truly admire the determination and passion it takes to get these things from idea to user to true success.

If you could go back to 2013 and the beginning of Knowit, what would you do differently?
A ton of things but I believe in learning from mistakes. We made some wrong hires, we spent where we should have saved and saved where we should have spent. All in all I wouldn’t change a great deal but I may have a few words with my 2013 self and say believe in yourself. You’ve built something strong and keep going.


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