Product Management Interview: Rags Vadali

Interview with Ex-Googler and CPO, Rags Vadali

Rags started his career as an engineer in the US for EMC before moving to a Product role at Google in London.

Since then, Rags has worked as VP Product for the likes of Layar in Amsterdam and Skimlinks before joining 4th Office as the CPO and leading a team to build an awesome new email client.

Throughout the interview, Rags covers topics such as; defining KPI’s, the ideal new Product Development processes and the best advice he’s been given.

1:11 – What tools do you think are vital to performing well in a product role?
2:40 – What are the best ways to test an early stage product?
5:25 – What is your favourite interview question?
6:19 – What is the most valuable advice you have been given?
8:30 – How do you define your KPI’s?
9:32 – What is an ideal process for developing new products?

If you or someone you know would be interested in featuring in the next round of filming then feel free to get in touch and tell me about yourself, your experience and what you would be interested in sharing with the community.

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