Product Management Interview: Mahesh Ramachandra

Interview with Mahesh Ramachandra, CPO from Top 10 Grossing App, Azoomee

We are pleased to introduce to you, Mahesh Ramachandra, Chief Product Officer at Azoomee –  a safe, fun and creative app made to inspire and empower children.

Mahesh is a digital pioneer who has created multi-platform entertainment products in enterprises of all sizes. The products in his portfolio have regularly been listed in the Top 10 Grossing apps and have won several awards.

Most recently he has been building next-generation applications for pre-schoolers and their families and his strategic contribution a board level has allowed him to successfully scale start-ups.

In this episode of Knowit’s series ‘A Few Minutes With’, Mahesh discusses topics like:

0:18 – What are the complications when conducting user research with young children?
1:02 – How does this effect the ability to get an MVP to market?
2:00 – Are there governing bodies that regulate the data due to the age of the audience?
3:04 – What impact do different audiences have on your research?
4:12 – What frustrates you most in your industry?
5:05 – What complications you have faced when scaling a start-up?
6:07 – What advice would you give a start-up trying to raise funds?
6:55 – How do you prioritise where in the team to invest?
7:40 – How do you best go about conducting user research?
8:45 – How important is research on the success of a product?

We hope you enjoy it!

If you or someone you know would be interested in featuring in the next round of filming then feel free to get in touch and tell me about yourself, your experience and what you would be interested in sharing with the community.

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