Agile / Scrum Master Interview: Jem D’Jelal, Agile Coach

Interview with Agile Coach/Scrum Master, Jem D’Jelal

Jem has worked with large corporations to small start-ups. Product agnostic, from Investment Banking to Pharma.

His experience in a variety of environments is very well rounded having been around Scrum & agile for a most of his career where he helps teams do things better.

Jem has worked with 40+ teams all in different states, all with different needs. His focus over the past 3 years has been organisational design, helping with restructuring & coaching C level members on mindset surrounding empirical thinking & servant leadership.

In this episode of Knowit’s series ‘A Few Minutes With’, Jem discusses topics like:

0:18 – Biggest challenge in your career and how you overcame it?
1:53 – Difference between Scrum master and Scrum/Agile coach?
3:24 – What advice would you give yourself entering the world of Agile coaching?
3:55 – What is a common problem you face when helping businesses transform to Agile?
4:47 – How do you see the role of an Agile coach?
5:29 – Do you see the demand for it changing in the future?

We hope you enjoy it.

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