Product Management Interview: Christina Buch-Peterson

Start-Ups and Transformations; Interview with Christina Buch-Peterson

We are excited to share our first episode of 2017 featuring Christina Buch-Peterson, former Head of Consumer Product at Drivetribe.

Christina is a delivery focused product leader with strong skills and experience in digital strategy, content strategy, and analysis. She works with cross functional teams within highly motivated businesses creating great value driven products and user experiences.

She has a keen focus on user and customer needs & journeys, as well as delivering to the highest business ROI in line with business strategies through back log prioritisation and MVPs.

In this episode of Knowit’s product management series, Christina discusses the following:

0:28 – What lessons have you learnt at larger business that have been valuable and applicable to a start-up environment?
1:24 – What advice would you give to a product person in a traditional business going through a digital transformation?
2:25 – What is your thinking process when prioritising?
3:22 – If you have an overall KPI, how do you decide what to measure so that you influence it?
4:23 – How should the insights from your customers affect your product?
5:26 – What is the best advice you’ve been given?
6:48 – What are the pros and cons of contracting?
7:51 – How do you see product management changing over the next five years?
8:37 – What advice would you give a product person who is looking to go into contracting?

If you or someone you know would be interested in featuring in the next round of filming then feel free to get in touch and tell me about yourself, your experience and what you would be interested in sharing with the community.

We hope you enjoy it.

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